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""James is very knowledgeable in his field. He has helped my husband and I work through the very difficult financial decisions involved in starting a small business. We have complete trust in all of his decisions because they are always in our best interest. He truly runs an honest and trust worthy business.""

-Stephanie Fernandez, Tallahassee, FL

"Being small business owners we have learned (the hard way) the best money you will EVER spend is for a good accountant. We realize that we're knowledgeable in the Information Technology field, but not financials! We have hired multiple accountants in the past, but just didn't get the level of service we needed. Our experience with James has been second to none!!! He quickly gets up to speed, reviewing and organizing documentation. He even found where Stadaker Inc had overpaid our State Excise tax and immediately commenced with filing the amended documentation to effectuate a refund! He is prompt and seems to be always accessible. His communications are secure but easily accessible to the owner. He's working on getting our Business into shape and educating us as a company so that we will know better going forward. So, if you're looking for an intelligent, effective, knowledgeable, organized, communicative, prompt and pleasant CPA, Accountant or Tax Representative, James Hartman, CPA is the answer. You won't be disappointed....."

-Mike & Greta Fields, Nashville, TN - Tallahassee, Florida

"If you have not put James to work on all your accounting and bookkeeping needs than you are missing out. He takes every situation to heart and treats it as if it were his own. Like most people I'm intimidate by the thought of the IRS but not James. He is the most intellegent, well prepared, professional individual I have had the pleasure of doing business with. He is a total asset. So glad we found James and made him a part of our team."

-Jan Foshee, Milledgeville, GA

"James has been a tremendous asset to my firm. I'm a solo practitioner, and James has always been there to provide me with sage advice. Even though I'm in another state, he always promptly returns any calls or emails. His expertise has been invaluable to me. Whether you are local in Tallahassee, or in another city or state, I would highly recommend James Hartman to be your CPA for all your personal and business needs."

-Mae Kelly-Hartman, Woodstock, GA

"I worked under James for a few years at one of the larger firms in Tallahassee. James is a very good accountant and really takes the time to make sure every detail is correct. I learned a lot from him."

-Erik Luoma, Tallahassee

"Our organization is forever grateful for the help of James Hartman. In a little over a month, our non-profit went from a staff of seven to a staff of three. Three of the individuals that left were the top administrators of the company. Therefore, the remaining three, myself included, were in desperate need of help. Since finances are extremely important, especially to a non-profit that is government and state funded, we knew exactly who to call. James was beyond helpful to us in our time of need. Not only did he help us survive, he also improved our finances and educated us on how to move forward. He put processes in place that helped us simplify our day to day operations and helped us save money along the way. His knowledge and expertise was extremely beneficial to us and I would recommend him and his services to anyone. I will sing the praises of James Hartman for years to come. I’m not sure where we would be without his help and again, we are forever grateful."

-Melanie Quinton, Tallahassee, FL

"James has been a delight since the first time I met him! He is incredibly kind, smart, knowledgeable, and tech savvy. His expertise has helped organize both our business and personal accounts. I particularly appreciate that James always has options for meeting our goals and can be depended upon for follow-through. I am grateful for all the services that James provides!"

-Iris Palazesi, Tallahassee, FL

"As an attorney and managing partner of a law firm, having a responsive and knowledgeable accountant is paramount. James fits that bill and indeed, goes well above the call of duty to serve his clients. I can say with all sincerity that he has earned my business in perpetuity."

-Richelle M. Marsico, Esquire, Tallahassee

"As I began my new career as a Paralegal/In-house Accountant for a new law firm James was so much help. His expertise in working with Quickbooks is outstanding. He assisted me with getting things set-up and rolling and when I made a mistake he was there to assist me and fix it. I have a great respect for him and his knowledge. James is easy to talk to and you get the feeling he understands your needs. Thanks James!"

-Ann Sharkey, Tallahassee, FL

"James was great to work with! Filing our taxes was easy and stress free. His expertise showed in how long it took him to complete our taxes. We will continue to use him each up-coming year. Thanks James!"

-Jessica Ikner, Tallahassee

"James is a wealth of information and has provided me and my clients with valuable advice. He has alleviated us of the stress of bookkeeping, accounting and taxes."

-Mike Carlos, Tallahassee

"In 2011 I received a letter from the IRS saying that I was being audited for the year 2008 because of losses I took that year from a business that closed in 2006... a complete nightmare. Luckily for me, my brother, James, is a CPA. He took on the IRS, and they definitely came out swinging (his colleagues couldn't believe what they kept throwing at us). After about 8 months of the back and forth, he got it so I ended up only paying back around $486 of the $21,000 they were ready to take. That's the difference between hiring someone that can fill out your tax returns for you and someone that actually knows how to apply the tax codes."

-Joseph R Hartman, Orlando, Fl

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